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Tech powering agribusiness

We are an Agtech with deep expertise in software development & agriculture that develops solutions to real problems

What makes us different

Ag & Tech talent + expertise

We are hybrid talent. We unite the two worlds in the same team.

Regional Reach

We are in the US, Brazil and Argentina. We connect regions, talent and solutions.

Focus on solving problems

We creat tech-solutions to real user problems, prioritizing the connection between existing solutions.

Impact beyond projects

We are more than just a specialized software provider, we are partners in your success.

Access to Latam talent

We bring team diversity and high-quality talent at lower cost.

Where are we?

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Business units

Years in the market
Client retention rate
Employee attrition rate

Talent Partnership

We find LatAm talent to help businesses scale up in a cost-effective & efficient manner.

Strategic Consulting

We help ag companies align their business strategies into tech solutions.


We are your agile partner for building useful tech solutions in the ag space.


We have solutions ready to use.