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We develop tech products for Ag as a service

Our focus is on collaborating with others, aiming to create tailored and scalable solutions that drive software adoption in the ag space.

In our custom product development service, we offer three different engagement models according to the needs of our customers in their technological product creation.

Engagement Models

Product Development

We assemble a team with the necessary roles and take care of the entire process. Discovery, ideation, prototyping and iteration, MVP development, and product evolution.

Team Extension

We split responsibilities and tasks with our customer within the product development process, resulting in effective collaboration, aligned processes, and cost-effective engagement.

Staff Augmentation

We provide the talent to work on our customer’s products, under their processes and daily management. They share their needs with us, and we find and hire the talent, which then becomes part of the customer's team.

How we do it

Diverse team

We have a team comprised of experts in key areas, agriculture, product and software development, that enables us to be relevant at every stage of the process and devote ourselves to solving 100% of our customer's needs.

Proven and adapted methodology

Driven by our methodology and expertise in product development, we guide our customers on a collaborative journey towards the creation of valuable products.

With partners

Collaboration is in our DNA - by partnering, we provide the highest value to our customers. By integrating with existing solutions, our customers gain efficiency while reducing costs, enabling scalable growth and faster time to market.Together we move towards an ecosystem of scalable solutions.

Global reach

We develop solutions for the US, Brazil, Argentina, and Europe. We understand the uniqueness of each market and the ecosystem of existing solutions in each one. We share our knowledge and connect solutions.

Where are we?

With a presence in the US, Brazil, Argentina and Europe, we collaborate with large corporations, startups, medium and small companies, agtechs, distributors, and producers to help them develop their own products.