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Our essence is a combination of who we are and what we do


Varina Baldi,
Founder & CEO.

“At Magoya we think and share our ideas at each stage of our process. Knowing that working collaboratively and enjoying what we do, the objectives are met.”

Varina Baldi, Founder & CEO.

Leonardo Dopacio,
Co-Founder & CFO.

“Growing and evolving are our commitment and part of our DNA. We take care to adequately invest in talent and skills as engines of our growth.”

Leonardo Dopacio, Co-Founder & CFO.

“The future is hidden even from those who make it.

Anatole France

What we do

We build, lead and educate hybrid teams with expertise in Food&Ag and technology, who are passionate about solving the business’ greatest challenges. We build software designed for Food&Ag companies with a unique approach, flexibility and scalability.

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Power the value chain through diverse teams and the right use of technology. Cooperate with the development and evolution of Food&Ag’s ecosystem.


Be recognized as a beacon of technology solutions that propel Food&Ag, collaborating with the region’s transformation.


Collaboration that empowers.
Creativity that innovates.
Hard work that achieves goals.
Empathy that drives action.
Transparency that drives confidence.


Make high quality a priority.
Transfer our knowledge generously.
Share our vision of the future.
Connect worlds and solutions.
Build significant bonds.