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Modelos de Colaboração

At Magoya, we specialize in creating techproducts for ag space

Our main mission is to collaborate with other companies to develop tailor-made solutions for their business that are integrated into a larger ecosystem and scalable. We work with agriculture companies of different sizes and expertise. We put our experience at the service of collaborative work to guide teams in a proper product development discipline.

“We develop products as a service”

We strive to generate continuous value and address new challenges for and with our customers as they evolve and grow.

Choose the collaboration model that best suits your needs and get in touch with us


Product Development

We assemble a team with the necessary roles and take care of the entire process.
Discovery, ideation, prototyping and iteration, MVP development, and product evolution.


Team Extension

In this model, we split tasks with our customer within the product development process, resulting in effective collaboration, aligned processes, and cost-effective engagement.


Staff Augmentation

We provide the talent to work on our customer’s products, under their processes and daily management. They share their needs with us, and we find and hire the talent, which then becomes part of the customer’s team.