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We are Magoya

A passionate team with expertise in agriculture and technology

We develop product as a service

With a presence in Argentina, Brazil, the USA, and Europe, we connect regions, stakeholders, and solutions. We co-create with each customer, tailor-made software products that solve real user problems.


Varina Baldi,
Founder & CEO.

“At Magoya we think and share our ideas at each stage of our process. Knowing that working collaboratively and enjoying what we do, the objectives are met.”

Varina Baldi, Founder & CEO.

Leonardo Dopacio,
Co-Founder & CFO.

“Growing and evolving are our commitment and part of our DNA. We take care to adequately invest in talent and skills as engines of our growth.”

Leonardo Dopacio, Co-Founder & CFO.

Magoya emerges with the aim of providing and solving real ag problems through technology

Our main goal

Our main goal is to contribute to technological adoption in the ag space.

For us, the adoption of technology in agriculture will grow as we develop tools integrated with the rest of the solution ecosystem. It’s about creating products that benefit people working in agriculture, solving real problems, and providing value to someone.

We believe in working more closely with all stakeholders involved in the sector. Supporting existing solutions, promoting them, and connecting them with other solutions. Leveraging the expertise and experience of each to create better products.

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Power the value chain through diverse teams and the right use of technology.
Cooperate with the development and evolution of Food&Ag’s ecosystem.


Be recognized as a beacon of technology solutions that propel Food&Ag, collaborating with the region’s transformation.


We value:
Collaboration that empowers.
Creativity that innovates.
Hard work that achieves goals.
Empathy that drives action.
Transparency that drives confidence.


Make high quality a priority.
Transfer our knowledge generously.
Share our vision of the future.
Connect worlds and solutions.
Build significant bonds.