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Product Development

Magoya is your agile partner for building useful technology in the Ag space.

We develop customized solutions from ideation to deployment. We partner with the client to bring ideas to life.

What makes us different?

Our team of hybrid talent partners with customers and stakeholders to collaboratively scout, find and create the best solutions for real business problems. Because we believe that practice makes the master and that working collaboratively drives better results, our approach is to integrate with industry proven solutions to ensure strong results and faster scaling.

“It is not enough
for code to work.”

Uncle Bob Martin

Our process

The key is in the possibility of agreeing on what the need is, in order to be able to focus on the client.

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Deep dive in company strategy and needs, prioritization of opportunities, solution ideation, MVP definition.


Ideation, design, development and deploy following scrum framework.


Measure and evolve based on feedback.

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